Has A New King Been Born? – Vps Avenger Assessment

By | November 1, 2021

VPS (Vengeance Producer Suite) Avenger from Vengeance Sound is the long awaited synthesizer from the a hit German sound ware company Keilwerth Audio & sound wizard Manuel Schleis from Vengeance Sound.

I personal some plug-in merchandise from Vengeance Sound and I just like the manner they function. They plan and comprehend their plugins according to musician wishes right from the initial version, so that you not often have to ask builders to enforce this and that later. Nearly the entirety works the way it should be – out of the box!

The “from musicians to musicians” method permeates all in their plug-ins: the right controls are at the right region, all works as you’ll assume. They find the actual stability among usability and deep feature set, and the first-class is usually pinnacle-notch. E.g. the first rate short and easy manner you may browse programs in their Phalanx sampler remains specific – the technology does now not forestall or slows you down just because you want to preview sampler programs right away.

Back to Avenger: however they may re-use some components (some outcomes, Nexus filters) from their earlier/3rd birthday party merchandise, making a new person-pleasant, distinct and aggressive synthesizer inside the sea of latest advanced VSTi’s have to have been a huge attempt.

There are lots of capabilities, so in preference to looking to list them dry, I share my private revel in won at some stage in the beta test period: what is the general experience of the units and what distinguishes it from different digital contraptions. GUI

For me the vector-primarily based graphical consumer interface (GUI) is a masterpiece in itself, at least it is very unusual as compared to another modern-day virtual contraptions… Not always the appearance (it’ll accept custom skins later), however the manner it operates. Most sections are tab based totally but the essence of Avenger has been squeezed as if it were in a unmarried window.

You can manually resize the interface by dragging the lowest proper nook – it couldn’t be less difficult, so you could make it large even on 4k shows. Warning: at one hundred% scaling its length nearly takes up the whole space of a 1920 x 1200 display!

Its appearance-and-sense is superlative: there aren’t any system faults, you need to see how fluid and easy all GUI motions are, consisting of the waveform oscilloscope and the visible comments of modulations (the jewelry around the knobs). Of direction it comes at a price (better CPU/GPU usage), but that is a regarded difficulty on sure computer systems and to be optimized in the destiny with scalable refresh fee and different upgrades.

There are appropriate, smart and to the factor visible representation of numerous parts, like placing the random variety of pattern start will display you a quality gradient band in which the randomization takes place inside:

Another instance: several factors are context sensitive – when you flow e.g. the Shaper Gain knob a photo EQ seems in brief above, then quick fades out:

Do you consider the instances whilst you had to use an LFO to create a vibrato or to burn up the 2 oscillator to get that slicing side sync sound? You do not must in Avenger, as there are committed parameters / sections for essentially the whole thing!

For instance, there is a devoted vibrato feature in step with oscillator with all styles of options.

Do you need Sync? You have four distinctive sorts of Sync consistent with oscillator with a hidden sine generator and special windowed mode with fade-in/outs to avoid clicks inside the sound.

The identical refers to the FM mode: it’s miles truely a 2 operator FM oscillator with 3 different FM modes (together with windowed) and 12 specific modulator shapes, and sure… it is capable to create that dirtiest virtual metal sounds with a saw service and a sinus modulator. Feedback or modulation between oscillators is presently no longer feasible, however I did now not sense this proscribing at all thanks to the wild oscillator shaping equipment.

Do you want to stack a couple of oscillators to get a fats unison sound? You do now not must sacrifice polyphony right here: within a single oscillator you may have 7 of the equal form of osc stacked / panned, plus there may be a dedicated Chorder module per oscillator to multiply and stack even extra instances (max. four) of the identical osc. CPU intake may be something from strong to severe: loaded the preset referred to as “LD Who Needs a JP” which makes use of a single oscillator. After some minor modifications I controlled to tax my computing device i7 CPU up to one hundred%, resulting full 32 polyphony and 1120 oscillators (!) in unison mode (you can see those details on the left facet of the top middle display bar), the sound changed into in reality superb although.

Want to feature greater fatness? There is a separate Sub oscillator for every and every oscillator in which the sub mockingly can go no longer simply down, however even one octave up higher next to the fundamental oscillator. Sub oscillator is especially useful when of the Osc transformation equipment thins the waveform out into a groovy sound yet lacking sub frequencies – now you could add the lacking low end right here.four and eight

Four and eight are the key numbers in Avenger: you have 8 oscillators that can be driven with the aid of up to eight arpeggiator modules, 8 step-sequencers, 8 envelope modules, eight pitch envelopes, four amplifier envelopes, 4 full featured filter out modules, 4 distortion modules referred to as Shaper, four LFO modules… pretty dizzying just to list them. Routing any of those modules to any oscillators is a very short drag and drop when you get a way to use the Routing tab:

Now add that you could import your own multi-samples, oscillator shapes and wavetables and you can even shop your own single cycle osc waveforms for later use. You may even re-sample your personal voice to play it via chords, check manufacturing facility preset Everybody Pad or Everybody Ballad to get the idea.

I ought to continue, but I need to prevent at this point – the entirety is vastly oversized to satisfy the most annoying musical context, and getting even the most powerful CPU at the knees… Fortunately that is an extremity – common presets use only a few percent on a contemporary CPU so that you can play safe despite a couple of times of Avenger inside your DAW.Sound

The sound is truely flawless, in spite of its beta degree I did not revel in any critical sound-engine based glitch – simply the alternative: it can be very smooth, fat warm, fuzzy, distorted, dark, silky, liquid. As a take a look at, I recreated some commonplace fundamental analogue presets on Avenger and a few different synthesizers taken into consideration among the best nowadays, and Avenger produced enormously musical consequences in evaluation. I would say, higher to my ears, so the sound technology could be very brilliant.

There are a dozen of filter fashions in every major category (LP, HP, BP, BS). Nexus filters are very smooth, the ANA, POW and PXL fashions are extra characteristic, plus there are a few greater esoteric inside the Special institution: Trash FM with a kind-of ring-modulator-ish sound, the Peak-Phaser filter and the VPS Talkbox to imitate human voice diphthongs. As modulation is pretty easy to set up for literally every parameter, you could even create your own morphing filter out characteristics by using modulating the EQ impact parameters. See an instance beneath:

Envelopes may be very snappy with adjustable slopes at the Attack, Decay and Release factor, so you can mimic all the same old envelope behaviour.

The LFO feature set is first rate, the fee can move up to one hundred Hz, but I leave out the possibility to use unmarried cycle waveforms as custom LFO’s. This could upload a greater granular, dirty excellent to the modulated sound.

Factory content: Avenger being a Vengeance product, it is obviously targeted closer to the contemporary EDM genres. These sounds and in particular the elaborated and professionally composed sequences, but do now not necessarily show the power and finesse of Avenger as a synthesizer, however extra as a sample player / drum gadget. Certainly kids will die for the instant stadium sound, and virtually that is the principal selling factor, but please apprehend: VPS Avenger is more than an editable Nexus on steroids. It is only up to your creativity which direction you choose: use it as a phrase participant, a drum system or a excessive-give up synthesizer – all is possible at a complicated level.

The full factory preset library may additionally open a whole new international of thoughts for you. After going through the presets even your manufacturing ability might boost to an entire new degree, as you’ll get the essence of layering, stacking samples, modulations that make sounds alive, assigning controllers to actual-time performance, and so forth. – Avenger presets are exceptional as educational equipment!

I did no longer even go into the resampling / wavetable synthesis with integrated editor, oscillator shapes, drum sampler with drum kits, etc – all with a massive choice of beneficial manufacturing unit presets for those categories – it’s miles all here within the initial release!

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