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By | November 11, 2021


Having low latency, on the spot get entry to to the foreign exchange markets and reliable up time is critical to being a always profitable dealer. Old computers and gradual wifi prices foreign exchange buyers hundreds of thousands a 12 months in misplaced opportunities and mismanaged trades. With a market as liquid as the forex marketplace, it’s greater important than ever to have the pleasant connection in your side. This is where a foreign exchange vps comes into play…

Accuweb is a web hosting company that gives a dedicated precise VPS for foreign exchange traders. In this text we are going to break down everything you need to recognise about Accuweb, the professionals, cons and my experience with the foreign exchange vps supplied. Let’s get into the thing…What Is Accuweb?

Accuweb is a website hosting company based in 2003 and has offered their web hosting and VPS’s to over a hundred,000 corporations inside the last 18 years! They offer unique the Forex market VPS applications which are ideal for investors with EA’s, bots, algorithms or just looking to a higher connection to the markets. These forex vps’ are tailor-made mainly to our wishes as traders, to increase uptime and decrease latency, with servers all around the global.

Accuweb claim to offer the fine forex vps web hosting for buyers searching out completely uninterrupted trading and they’re coming in at a number of the most inexpensive charges inside the marketplace! They really compare very well with a number of the pinnacle forex vps providers inside the industry. Let’s find out more… Accuweb Forex VPS Features

Accuweb has a variety of features which are actually needed for foreign exchange buyers trying to taking their buying and selling critically. Let’s take a look at some of the maximum important functions…1. Low Latency

Accuweb have extremely low latency, which is fundamental for investors on HTF and decrease time frame buying and selling. They have tested their latency on some of the worlds main foreign exchange agents…

Check out this latency list to peer the latency together with your own foreign exchange dealer. See how the latency in comparison to some of the great forex vps offerings. 2. 14 Server Locations Worldwide

Accuweb has 14 servers around the sector, which means you could choose whichever server is closer to your broker and feature the lowest latency feasible. There are servers overlaying the entire global from Australia, all the manner to Canada. I’d truely recommend finding which server works great on your dealer – now not simply closest to you within the world. three. ninety nine.nine% Up-Time

The servers come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, that is crucial for buyers with a VPS. Most buyers aren’t going to be looking at a VPS for more than a few minutes in line with day, so understanding it won’t go down is important. four. Fully Scalable

If you outgrow your modern VPS size and need to have a big operation, the agency can try this for you in only 15 minutes of downtime without ever having to eliminate some thing off your server. This makes it completely scaleable for traders which can tackle new accounts, new systems and new algos over the next few years. Most of the foreign exchange vps’ inside the enterprise aren’t scaleable, so this truly sets the corporation aside!five. Fully Managed And Backed Up

All of the Accuweb foreign exchange vps’ are absolutely controlled by way of the specialists and 24/7 guide is provided. The server is managed and monitored with the aid of the group 24/7 and returned americaare taken on a weekly basis for most of the servers. This method the whole server can be restored if some thing takes place – which is high-quality to realize, to get again operational as a dealer if wanted. What Are The Plans & Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Accuweb are very aggressive and less expensive than most competitors like ForexVPS. In fact, they’ve a number of 6 one-of-a-kind forex vps’ relying on your necessities and what number of terminals you are going to be running. These plans are paid for on a month-to-month foundation and variety from $12 consistent with month, to $389.ninety nine in line with month for the most important vps. Let’s take a glance…the Forex market VPS 1 – $12 Per Month

Forex VPS 1 is designed for investors with a totally small operation and comes with 15 ability records server places starting from South Africa to USA. This bundle is suggested for only a few terminals or MT4 programs running and would suit perhaps 1 or 2 EA’s. This comes with 1GB of ram, 35GB SSD, 2 CPU Cores, 250GB bandwidth and weekly backups. This is a fully managed service and might be ideal for newbie buyers. Forex VPS 2 – $24 Per Month

the Forex market VPS 2 is designed for traders wanted to run five-8 terminals, desiring barely greater to play with. This package has all the identical server places at the less expensive alternative but comes with double the ram, 40GB SSD, 3 CPU Cores and 450GB bandwidth. This is the maximum common plan for forex buyers. the Forex market VPS three – $forty four Per Month

the Forex market VPS 3 is suggested for traders running more than eight foreign exchange terminals without delay and comes with 4GB ram, 45GB SSD, 4 CPU Cores and 650GB bandwidth – that is going to be perfect for EA and algo foreign exchange buyers. the Forex market VPS 4 – $111.ninety nine Per Month

This VPS goes to be for 6-8 terminals but more extreme buyers running a big quantity of EA’s. Forex VPS 4 comes with 8GB Ram, 160GB SSD, 2 CPU Cores, 2.5TB Bandwidth and is completely controlled. It’s well suited with all trading structures and softwares – a wonderful choice for traders with massive operations. the Forex market VPS five – $191.99 Per Month

Forex VPS five is advocate for more or less 10 terminals and is like minded with all trading programs. This fully managed VPS comes with clean improve, 3TB Bandwidth, four CPU Cores, 320GB SSD and 16GB Ram. the Forex market VPS 6 – $383.99 Per Month

the Forex market VPS 6 is genuinely overkill for a number of investors and I’d only advise spending this tons on a server setup in case you’re one hundred% sure which you need it. This large VPS comes fully managed with three.5TB bandwidth, eight CPU Cores, 640GB SSD and 32GB Ram – extra than enough for the majority of forex traders jogging some MT4 programs and an EA or two. Accuweb Customer Support

If you’re severe approximately foreign exchange buying and selling and have multiple EA’s or buying and selling money owed jogging, you want to make certain that the entirety is walking easily, 24/7. If things go down, you want to ensure that there’s continually a help team handy to help you out at any time of the day as each minute down is a very expensive minute for high frequency dealer.

Accuweb offer 24/7 customer support to traders – that is excellent to see! The guide crew have been praised vastly over on Trustpilot for supporting traders and client out of elaborate situations.

As well as the 24/7 stay chat, there’s a patron variety you may name, together with a psychical deal with, ought to you fancy going to the office to resolve your problems. I’d no longer propose it myself, but it’s first-rate for a agency to show transparency in regard to in which they’re based totally.

Accuweb additionally have more than a few video tutorials right here, within the knowledge base, have to you want to try to remedy any problems you’re having. It’s incredible to have a great customer support team at your disposal but likewise it’s crucial that matters aren’t continuously going incorrect – in a great world, we wouldn’t even want to speak to the support team! Accuweb Reviews – What Are Traders Saying?

If you’ve examine any of our pinnacle prop company evaluations, you’ll know that we love to have a take a look at other buyers reviews with a provider, earlier than committing to buying. Accuweb has a Great reputation on Trustpilot, with over 70 reviews, 60% of which clocking in at tremendous!

Although there’s not anything incorrect with this, it’s really worth pointing out that there’s thirteen% of critiques which can be logged as terrible, the worst it could be. Now this is demanding to peer. When you evaluate this to some of the opposite forex vps services within the enterprise it becomes regarding. For instance, ForexVPS is excellently rated on Trustpilot and have less than 1% of horrific critiques, in over 10x extra critiques!

This evaluate from Marius is disturbing as he reports some of problems he has had with the forex vps and actually advises staying away, especially in case you’re an algo trader that leaves EAs to work robotically. You’re going to be relying on assured uptimes and no restarts or you will be dropping money.

From searching at these evaluations, sticking with a more depended on and nicely acquired foreign exchange vps like ForexVPS might be a better option – at the moment besides.

If we forget about the Trustpilot evaluations, The Web Hosting Dir places Accuweb at the exceptional forex vps company, with over a thousand extremely nice opinions. This is notable news for us and suggests that it’s nonetheless very lots worth trying Accuweb as a foreign exchange vps issuer. In Summary – Is Accuweb The Best VPS For Forex Traders?

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